Everything posted in April 2016

11 minutes to read

Entender vs. Comprender

Understand the Two Ways to Say “Understand” in Spanish

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Tricks to Memorize 31 Spanish Verbs for Your Kitchen

Mnemonics and Other Tricks to Fortify Your Kitchen Vocabulary

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18 Parts of Your Body in Spanish with Memory Tricks

Memorize Them All and Start Using Them in under 10 Minutes!

10 minutes to read

Learning Spanish? Make Twitter Work for You!

Hashtags, Tweets, Trends – Everything Is a Potential Teacher!

9 minutes to read

Using Reddit to Learn and Improve Your Spanish

Because Reddit Is More Than Just Cute Cats and Fun Memes!

8 minutes to read

9 Cool Non-Mexican Alternatives for Niño

Go beyond Niño and Chico with These Words When not in Mexico.

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How to Sound Like a Panamanian

Everything You Need to Know about the Spanish of Panama

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11 Ways to Say Boy in Mexican Street Spanish

Because Niño Just Doesn’t Sound Slang Enough, You See.

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10 Slang Words That Make Peruvian Spanish Peruvian

Don't Visit Peru Unless You Have These Gems on Your Fingertips.

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The Vin Diesel Trick and the Irregular Spanish Imperative

8 Core-Spanish Verbs in the Imperative in under 8 Minutes!

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Trick to Conjugate Ir in a Blink without Memorization

In Not 1 but 3 Tenses – Present, Preterite, and Imperfect!

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How to Learn New Spanish Words Painlessly and in Seconds

Does Swallowing Dictionaries Like a Potion Really Work?