Everything posted in May 2016

14 minutes to read

Spanish Se and Strange Things People Do with It

Ethic Dative and Other Funny Ways Spanish Uses Its Indirect Object Pronouns

14 minutes to read

Jared Romey and Speaking Latino

An Interview with the Man behind the Largest Online Resource on Spanish Colloquialism

12 minutes to read

Kill the Ya-Todavía Confusion Once and for All

Both Mean “Yet” and yet Aren’t Synonymous: Confused?

21 minutes to read

22 Expressions to Rock Your Spanish While in Argentina

Feel at Home in Buenos Aires with These Wacky Urban Idioms

17 minutes to read

The Cryptology of Spanish SMS

Enter the Inner-Circle of SMS Codebreakers in Less Than 15 Minutes

15 minutes to read

Buses in Spanish-Speaking Countries

Local Words For Bus in Latin American Countries

13 minutes to read

The Story and Spanish of Cinco de Mayo

All the Trivia and the Vocabulary for the Day in Less Than 15 Minutes

14 minutes to read

Mnemosyne: The Spaced Repetition Underdog

Did You Know There Was Life Beyond Anki, and a Fairly Fun One at That?

14 minutes to read

5 Anki Tips to Supercharge Your Spanish Vocabulary

Everything You Need to Know about the Mother of All SRS Apps