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Learning Spanish can be a tedious endeavor if you can’t stay motivated for long enough. These articles offer interesting general tips and tricks to maximize your learning. Demotivation is the single biggest reason people quit learning anything. The tidbits these articles bring will ensure you always stay eager.

12 minutes to read

Fast-Track Your Spanish Effortlessly Reading Fairy Tales

And Have Loads of Carefree Fun Bringing out That Kid in You!

10 minutes to read

1,000 Words Is All You Need to Kick-Start Your Spanish

Pep up Your Morale with a Super-Practical Vocabulary Goal of a Mere 1,000 Words!

10 minutes to read

Spoken Spanish – Does Spanish Sound like a Breathless Rant?

Develop an Ear for Spanish with Two Super-Simple No-Brainer Spanish-Listening Hacks