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Grammar is arguably the single biggest challenge Spanish learners face. It also happens to be the most intimidating and boring. But since there’s no wishing it away, the only workaround is to get creative. These articles introduce cunning memory tricks and hacks to help make Spanish grammar a cakewalk.

13 minutes to read

All You Needed to Know about the Spanish Indirect Object Pronouns

With Tidbits Like Leísmo, Loísmo, and Laísmo...and a Clever Mnemonic Trick Courtesy Lola

14 minutes to read

Spanish Se and Strange Things People Do with It

Ethic Dative and Other Funny Ways Spanish Uses Its Indirect Object Pronouns

12 minutes to read

Kill the Ya-Todavía Confusion Once and for All

Both Mean “Yet” and yet Aren’t Synonymous: Confused?

6 minutes to read

The Vin Diesel Trick and the Irregular Spanish Imperative

8 Core-Spanish Verbs in the Imperative in under 8 Minutes!

8 minutes to read

Trick to Conjugate Ir in a Blink without Memorization

In Not 1 but 3 Tenses – Present, Preterite, and Imperfect!

8 minutes to read

Perfect Your Spanish Imperfect Tense with This Cool Trick

The Spanish Past Tense Is Way Easier than You Thought and Here’s Why

7 minutes to read

Memorize the Spanish Preterite Conjugation within Seconds

Using One Mnemonic Trick That Won’t Be Easy to Ever Lose

11 minutes to read

Quick Trick to Nail The Por-Para Distinction for Good

Kill All Confusion over the Two Prepositions Once and for All

7 minutes to read

Quick Trick to Ace the Spanish Present Tense Conjugation

Using Mnemonics to Master the Mother of All Spanish Verb Conjugations