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The Internet is full of free and inexpensive resources. Some of these free resources can help you nail Spanish better than a traditional classroom can. These articles attempt to showcase such proven resources – websites, apps, ebooks, etc. – that give maximum juice for the squeeze when it comes to learning Spanish.

12 minutes to read

Sol y Viento: Your Destination after Destinos

Find out Where to Go after Destinos and Extr@ Spanish

12 minutes to read

Extr@ Spanish: Your New Milestone after Destinos

Challenge Your Ears to the next Level of Telenovela Spanish

11 minutes to read

Train Your Ears for the Telenovela Spanish with Destinos

Actively Absorb Spanish by Watching the Spanish Learning Show the Right Way

14 minutes to read

Mnemosyne: The Spaced Repetition Underdog

Did You Know There Was Life Beyond Anki, and a Fairly Fun One at That?

14 minutes to read

5 Anki Tips to Supercharge Your Spanish Vocabulary

Everything You Need to Know about the Mother of All SRS Apps

10 minutes to read

Learning Spanish? Make Twitter Work for You!

Hashtags, Tweets, Trends – Everything Is a Potential Teacher!

9 minutes to read

Using Reddit to Learn and Improve Your Spanish

Because Reddit Is More Than Just Cute Cats and Fun Memes!

14 minutes to read

How to Learn New Spanish Words Painlessly and in Seconds

Does Swallowing Dictionaries Like a Potion Really Work?

12 minutes to read

Fast-Track Your Spanish Effortlessly Reading Fairy Tales

And Have Loads of Carefree Fun Bringing out That Kid in You!