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Building a strong Spanish vocabulary as a rookie learner is not easy. Memorizing alien-sounding words, one long list after another is not fun. But that’s only because rote rehearsals are inherently counterproductive. These articles help make vocabulary a cinch with mnemonics, etymology, and other cool memory hacks.

14 minutes to read

Tricks to Memorize 31 Spanish Verbs for Your Kitchen

Mnemonics and Other Tricks to Fortify Your Kitchen Vocabulary

11 minutes to read

18 Parts of Your Body in Spanish with Memory Tricks

Memorize Them All and Start Using Them in under 10 Minutes!

14 minutes to read

How to Learn New Spanish Words Painlessly and in Seconds

Does Swallowing Dictionaries Like a Potion Really Work?

10 minutes to read

1,000 Words Is All You Need to Kick-Start Your Spanish

Pep up Your Morale with a Super-Practical Vocabulary Goal of a Mere 1,000 Words!

10 minutes to read

Conquer the Spanish Semana Santa Vocabulary in under 10 Minutes

Because Who Does This Week of Fiesta Better than the Latinos?