SingleRodrigo AmaranteSoundtrack

Learners’ Notes

  • Very easy to listen to, slow tempo appropriate for learners of all levels
  • Short song with all three verses in the present indicative tense
  • Good song for picking up some body-part names in Spanish, such as “piel” and “garganta”
  • Use of “ansiar” as an alternative to “querer”
  • Perfect song to drive home the future tense conjugation of “ser” through its repeated refrain
  • Very catchy and easy to hum along, especially for fans of the TV series, Narcos

Soy el fuego que arde tu piel

Soy el agua que mata tu sed

El castillo, la torre yo soy

La espada que guarda el caudal

Tú el aire que respiro yo

Y la luz de la luna en el mar

La garganta que ansio mojar

Que temo ahogar de amor

Y cuales deseos me vas a dar?

Dices tú, “Mi tesoro basta con mirarlo

Tuyo será, y tuyo será.”


I am the fire that burns your skin

I am the water that kills your thirst

I am the castle, the tower

The sword that guards the fortune

You the air that I breahte

And the moonlight in the sea

The throat I want to wet

That I am afraid of throttling

And what desires are you going to give me?

You say, “My treasure is enough just by looking at it

It will be yours, it will be yours.”