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This language-proficiency assessment has been graded loosely in accordance with the standards defined by the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR). To a good extent CEFR levels correspond to those of Diplomas in Spanish as a Foreign Language (DELE), another similar framework specifically meant for Spanish and governed by the Government of Spain. This standardized grading ensures your results are more or less consistent with what you would score on a professional test. However, this assessment is an oversimplified alternative (we have omitted several key elements of the actual tests including listening and reading comprehension) to and is not meant to be a replacement for professional testing services. Your scores here are only meant to give you a vague idea of where your proficiency stands and how much work you’ve left to do.

Structure and Instructions

Each level consists of 30 randomly-generated multiple-choice questions.

You must get at least 24 answers right (80%) in order to pass the level.

Getting at least 27 answers right (90%) would mean you’re ready to proceed to the next level.

You can take the same test any number of times but the questions, or their order, might not be the same every time.

For a more realistic assessment, attempt to finish the test in no more than 25 minutes.

To begin testing, select an appropriate level from the menu above and proceed to answer.